Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's & Orchids

Wow, all the pretty roses in the store but who needs them when you have orchids blooming like mad at home. Neil worked on Valentine's Day so we didn't do anything special. The night before I brought home a pizza and we exchanged gifts & cards. It was cozy & nice. We'll have a great steak meal or something on the weekend and call it our Valentine's meal. I do want to talk about some new craft items that I am having lots of fun with and they are both MAKING MEMORIES brand. They make some pretty nice prodoucts. I used the MAKING MEMORIES ' TAG MAKER' to make heart shaped vellum tags and then the MAKING MEMORIES 'INSTANT SETTER' to make eyelet holes in order to sandwich the 2 together and make light covers. They turned out great. It was hard to get a night time picture but there was this almost earie glow. The light set I used was an L.E.D. set and that, combined with the vellum made them so neat.

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Ike said...

That is a very cool way to use the Tag Maker :) Thank you for sharing this fun idea with us! from-
Jana, Making Memories