Saturday, July 22, 2006

Room renovation

Today we are wrapping up the room renovation. Yes, the rearranging of furniture and cleaning of this room turned into a lot more. We moved most of the crap out. Painted the end walls, added some electrical outlets, got a bigger lcd tv and removed some furniture. Tomorrow we should be moving everything back in and touching up the paint that we have scraped off! Pictures will accompany that post!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

it never ends

see what I mean

Shrinky Pins, yeah don't start. They will control you as I am sure that is what the evil hive mind bloggers had in mind.

Sewing table 'before' photo June 2006

Welcome to my blog. I am starting this blog because the one I had at .mac costs dollars and those can be used to buy yarn, fabric, gas to drive to yarn & fabric stores etc. How wasteful. I have tried for about 2 weeks to get a photo uploaded because I knew I wanted a visual blog. Now it has 2 of my title pictures. I'll work it out. My first real project to blog about is the restoration of the spare bedroom into a craft room with a bed in it. My sewing table is the worst part of the whole mess. I will try and post a 'before' pic today. If not it will eventually get posted with a 'after' pic too!

Welcome to Sheila na Blog