Wednesday, October 22, 2014

filoFax - from Zero to Three in a week

Started out searching for a new notebook as the hard or soft cover Moleskines were making it difficult for me to simultaneously write and hold the book close to flat. Peaking in to the apparent abyss that is the filoFax world and next thing you know I've got a mini Chameleon on order from Australia, a pocket patent on it's way from Great Britian via eBay and an A5 Cuban ordered from the filoFaxUSA website. A little bit of googling and it seems that mine is not an unusual story, this happens to people all the time, you do a little 'shopping' and the next thing you are a 'collector'. Next post will include photos of all three once they arrive safely. I will include a thorough review and will try and keep in mind the original reason for the purchase and how suitable these three are.