Friday, August 25, 2006

Please don't ask about the room!

Yes I've been a very bad girl. Moved the furniture back in the Sewing/Craft/Guest room then proceeded to just leave everything in dissaray and do a couple of sewing projects. Then I get a bladder infection from hell and have been mostly knitting and watching the Food Network in HD.. this will be my downfall I am sure. I will not watch Rachel Ray in HD though because she will irritate me even more. I will be posting a side rant on this issue but my big problem with her " E V O O " followed by the ( You are probably not smart enough to figure out WTF I speak of so I will translate for you_ " THAT'S EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ", Da really?

Anyhow, check out my latest distraction projects.. I felted a planter since I went around Bellingham in one of those, drive to every conceivable store and not find it trances and came home and knitted what I wanted and felted it. I am sure my dearly departed mother had a hand in giving me inspiration. She had given me this cute sea shell hanging planter then tried to find me another one (garage sales of course) and couldn't but found broken one so the felted part at the bottom was a way for me to use that broken one. The other project is this little thread catcher bag I made for Neil's sister-in-law Lynn. I entered it in the NW WA Fair and won a blue ribbon and a checque for $4.. not too shabby.

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